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Locks are available in all the functions usually required in a house. These include Passage, Privacy, Dummy, and for deadbolts and keyed sideplate locks, Single Keyed and Double Keyed. Key-in-Lever and Knob locks are available with one function only, with a keyed cylinder on the outside and a turn-piece release on the inside.


This function is used for doors where no locking is required. The knobs or levers freely operate the latch. Passage sets are commonly used on interior doors, and sometimes on an exterior door in conjunction with a separate deadbolt.


Usually used on bathroom doors, and any other door that needs to be locked from the inside. A push button is provided on the inside rosette, pushing the button fixes the outside handle, turning the inside handle releases the lock. A clearance hole is provided in the outside rosette to permit the lock to be released with a nail, if needed. Privacy locks should not be used to


Used on fixed (non-operating) doors and sometimes on closet doors. Sold as a pair, these handles do not operate, they stay in a fixed position, no latch is provided or normally needed. Dummy handles provide a firm grip where desired, and are used on the non-locking side of french doors to give balanced, matching appearance. Emtek dummy handles are surface mounted, no bore holes are required in the door. All mounting hardware is provided.

Single Cylinder

The most popular configuration for deadbolt locks, a keyed cylinder is provided for the outside and a turn-piece is located on the inside. The lock may be locked or unlocked with a key from the outside. The turn-piece allows locking or unlocking without a key from the inside.
Single Cylinder

Double Cylinder

Used in situations where free egress from the inside is not needed or desired. Keyed cylinders are provided for both outside and inside. Locking and unlocking can be accomplished only with a key
Double Cylinder


Emtek locks with lever handles are handed, locks with knob handles are not handed. Our lever locks are handed because they have a high quality, "European" style mechanism that provides a firm feeling, spring supported rotation downward and a solid stop at the top of the movement. Since the levers do not rotate upward, we must assemble the levers with prior knowledge of which will be on the outside and which on the inside. Determine the handing of your door by standing on the outside of the door. If the hinge is on the right, it's a right handed door, and you need a right handed lock. If the hinge is on the left you need a left handed lock


In the U.S. there are two common backsets for residential locks, 2-3/8" and 2-3/4". The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the 2-1/8" bore hole. We will pack your locks with a 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" latch depending on which backset you specify. Dummy sets have no latch and are surface mounted so you can install a dummy set wherever you choose on the door.

Door Prep

Emtek locks fit into a standard American style tubular door prep. If you are replacing existing locks then your door preps will most likely be correct for Emtek locks. Just determine the backset and you're ready to order. If you're installing locks in new doors that do not have a door prep you can follow the instructions below.
Door Prep
PASSAGE, PRIVACY, KEY-IN-KNOB OR LEVER, AND DEADBOLT LOCKS fit into the door prep shown above. Bore a 2-1/8" hole through the door. The center of this hole should be located 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" back from the edge of the door (this is the backset dimension). Bore a 1" hole in the edge of the door located on the centerline of the 2-1/8" hole. The latch will fit into the 1" hole. Chisel out a 1" by 2-1/4" rectangle on the edge of the door, 1/8" deep. The latch faceplate will sit in this recession.centerline hole
KEYED LOCKS WITH SIDEPLATES require two sets of holes with a center-to-center distance of 3-5/8" between the two sets of holes.sideplates

Dummy Sets

Dummy sets require no door prep. Dummy handles are surface mounted and my be located anywhere on the door you choose, but they are usually located to match the appearance of nearby operating locks.

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